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Daniel Bader, Ph.D.

Webmaster Daniel Bader, Ph.D. with baby Mary

Welcome to I am Daniel Bader, Ph.D., and I started this site as a way of introducing ordinary people to the wonderful world of lighting design.

My own background is as a stage lighting technician and designer, having worked in many theatres around Toronto, including Theatre Passe Muraille and Markham Theatre. During that work, I learned the importance of lighting to how a space feels, especially in more minimalist theatre where lighting design just was stage design.

Afterwards, I went on to do my doctorate in a completely unrelated field, but I continued to be interested in lighting design not simply on stage, but in living spaces. Working in many areas with poor lighting (I’m looking at you, libraries) made me realize that so much of our interior decorating is ruined by poor lighting and that good lighting is fairly easy and can improve our well-being immensely.

On researching lighting design, I realised that little had been done to make lighting design accessible to ordinary people. Yes, lighting designers are available, but their work is far more expensive than most people can afford. As a result, ordinary people find themselves living in uncomfortably harsh or underlit spaces, all of which could be easily solved with a few simple changes.

As for myself, I live in Toronto with my wife and our two children. We love to take our children to the “back park”, which isn’t its real name, but I can’t remember what it’s really called ever since my son started calling it that. My own hobby is comic books, especially anything by Grant Morrison, who is such a good writer he managed to turn “17” into one of the most memorable bits of comic dialogue in recent years. I work as a clinical social worker in Kitchener, Ontario, with my own practice called Bader Mediation & Counselling Services.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.

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